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The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) will be using the LAS Links Assessment for the ELP Assessments for all students in Grades K-12 for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 test administration. The CSDE believes that high-quality, comprehensive and effective English as a Second Language (ESL) and bilingual education programs are essential to acquire English language proficiency and academic proficiency for students who are English Learners (ELs). The CSDE believes that research-based instructional practices that support ELs in general education classrooms are essential while they are acquiring English and well after they have exited the intensive programs.

2022-23 LAS Links Testing Window January 3, 2023- March 3, 2023

LAS Links DRC INSIGHT Portal Access

LAS Links Help Desk
866-282-2250 Option 2

Communication Updates


2022-23 English Learner In-Person Screening Guidance

The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) expects districts to follow its guidance regarding the identification of English learners in Connecticut public schools for the 2022-2023 school year. This is described in the memorandum, English Learner Identification Process sent on April 21, 2022.

The digital versions of the preLAS and K-12 LAS Links Digital Placement Test materials can be accessed via this secure link. Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) emailed ELACs of record their username and password for this secure site. If there has been a change in the ELAC position, please contact DRC Customer Service for the username and password for the secure link site. For pricing and additional information please contact DRC LAS Links Help Desk, information is available at the top of this website.

2022-2023 English Learner Remote Screening Guidance
The CSDE is continuing to allow Remote Screening using the preLAS for Kindergarten (or PK 4) and the LAS Links Placement Test.

To administer the preLAS test, you only need to access DRC INSIGHT to obtain the preLAS Cue Book/Audio File via the General Information> Documents tab.

Students are not added to the DRC INSIGHT portal for administering preLAS or the LAS Links Digital Placement Test. Refer to the Test Administrator instructions above.

CSDE/DRC preLAS Remote Test
Administration Instructions

CSDE/DRC LAS Links Placement Test Remote Test Administration Instructions

Web Conferencing Options for Remote Testing

Parent/Student Remote Testing Agreement

Parent/Guardian Remote Testing Checklist for the LAS Links Placement Test and preLAS

Quick Tips Documents:
Student Tools and Navigation

LAS Links Online Practice Tests
Student Online Tools Training(OTT)/
Practice Test English

Student Online Tools Training(OTT)/
Practice Test Spanish

Google Chrome must be used to run the OTT/
Practice Tests

Student Navigation Tutorial Videos – English
Grades K-1
Grades 2-3
Grades 4-12

Student Navigation Tutorial Videos – Spanish
Grades K-1
Grades 2-3
Grades 4-12


On-Demand Reports, which were populated with students from SY 2021-22 assessment, are no longer available. On-Demand Reports will continue to be disabled during the LAS Links assessment window (January 3rd to March 3rd) and remain so until the CSDE approves the final SY 2022-23 scores in the spring.

Interactive Reports, including historical Data Download Reports, are available until December 31, 2022. Interactive Reports will be available in spring 2023 once the CSDE approves the final SY 2022-23 scores.

Batch Download Reports

2021-22 DRC Interactive Reports Webinar

2021-22 DRC Interactive Reports Training Presentation

LAS Links Guide to Interactive Reporting

Form E/F Report Guide: Proficiency Definitions and Descriptors

EL Exit Criteria

Form E/F Operational Field Test Blueprint

Scoring of LAS Links is conducted by Data Recognition Corporation. Provided for your information to understand scoring practices per grade band, are scoring definitions, scoring rubrics, and an explanation of scores.
Grade K-1 Speaking and Writing Rubric
Grade 2-3 Speaking and Writing Rubric
Grade 4-5 Speaking and Writing Rubric
Grade 6-8 Speaking and Writing Rubric
Grade 9-12 Speaking and Writing Rubric

Parent Letter Report Explanations
This letter is a resource to support communication with parents/guardians, who may be receiving copies of their child’s LAS Links Student Proficiency Report.

Grade 7 LAS Links Sample Student Proficiency Report (English) | (Spanish)
Explanation Student Report Parent Letter English
Explanation Student Report Parent Letter Arabic
Explanation Student Report Parent Letter Chinese Simplified Mandarin
Explanation Student Report Parent Letter Haitian Creole
Explanation Student Report Parent Letter Polish
Explanation Student Report Parent Letter Portuguese
Explanation Student Report Parent Letter Spanish
Explanation Student Report Parent Letter Albanian


These technology resources are specific to LAS Links testing and are supports for LAS Links information Technology personnel to maintain systems for the test administration.

For Technology Installation, in the DRC INSIGHT Portal select:

  • My Applications
  • General Information
  • Downloads

To access the following downloads

  • Technology Software Downloads
  • System Requirements
  • Testing Site Capacity Estimator

Technology Documentation

CSDE IT 2022-23 Webinars

Information Technology (IT) Training Webinar for CT LAS Links

PowerPoint Slide Deck