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The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) will be using the LAS Links Assessment for the ELP Assessments for all students in Grades K-12 for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 test administration. The CSDE believes that high-quality, comprehensive and effective English as a Second Language (ESL) and bilingual education programs are essential to acquire English language proficiency and academic proficiency for students who are English Learners (ELs). The CSDE believes that research-based instructional practices that support ELs in general education classrooms are essential while they are acquiring English and well after they have exited the intensive programs.

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Communication Update
Updated 2021 LAS Links Test Administration Window (12/6/20)
Dually ID EL Procedures for 2020.21 LAS Links (12/17/20)
Receipt and Return of Paper Test Materials LAS Links 2021 (12/18/20)
LAS Links Remote Test Administration Guidance (1/4/21)
Updated LAS Links Testing Appeal Submission Guidance (3/12/21)


Test Administrator Remote Testing Guidance

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Form D is scored by DRC.
DRC Interactive Reporting is available by logging into LAS Links DRC INSIGHT Portal. On the landing page is a link to the LAS Links Training Module for Educators and Interactive Reports Online User Guide. Both resources provide information on DRC Interactive Reporting.

On-Demand and Interactive Reporting


These technology resources are specific to in-person testing resources, remote testing resources have been provided to Test Administrators

For Technology Installation, in the DRC INSIGHT Portal select:

  • My Applications
  • General Information
  • Downloads

To access the following downloads

  • Technology Software Downloads
  • System Requirements
  • Testing Site Capacity Estimator

Technology Documentation

CSDE IT 2020-21 Webinars

IT Training Webinar CT District LAS Links Technology Contacts

PowerPoint Slide Deck

2020-2021 English Learner Remote
Screening Guidance

The Connecticut State Department for Education (CSDE) expects districts to follow, to the extent possible, the Connecticut State Department of Education’s (CSDE) previous guidance regarding the identification of English learners in Connecticut public schools for the 2020-21 school year. This is described in the memorandum, English Learner Identification and Obtaining Identification Materials for 2020-21 provided on May 29, 2020. However, CSDE is now providing additional guidance for reference if a district chooses to facilitate the screening process using the LAS Links Placement test or the preLAS for Kindergarten (or PK 4) students in a remote manner.The following guidance documents are available for your reference and use:
CSDE/DRC preLAS Remote Test Administration Instructions

CSDE/DRC LAS Links Placement Test Remote Test Administration Instructions

Web Conferencing Options for Remote Testing

Parent/Student Remote Testing Agreement

Parent/Guardian Remote Testing Checklist for the LAS Links Placement Test and preLAS

To administer LAS Links, preLAS, and Digital Placement for the K-12 test you only need to access DRC INSIGHT to obtain the preLAS Cue Book/Audio File via the General Information> Documents tab.

You will not be adding students to DRC INSIGHT or testing using DRC INSIGHT Software to administer preLAS or the Digital Placement. Refer to the Test Administrator instructions below. You may need to contact your District Coordinator for access to the Digital Placement Test which is stored on a secure Sharefile location.