preLAS Español

GRADES: Pre-K (Age 3) – 1st Grade
FORMS: 1 Spanish

preLAS Español measures language development of:

  • Speakers of Spanish as a First/Primary Language (Native Spanish Speakers)
  • Speakers of Spanish as a Second/New Language (Non-Native Spanish Speakers)

preLAS Español was developed with the same rigor and in a parallel format to the English version of preLAS. It uses the same subtests, and, in accordance with quality testing standards, but it is not a simple translation of the English version. This assessment was developed with native-Spanish speaking children—so, in this way, the two test are psychometrically and linguistically equivalent.

preLAS Español enables your program to:

  • Utilize tools to identify students’ academic strengths and instructional needs
  • Assess children in a stress-free manner, using a playful, child-friendly interface
  • Administer pre-literacy assessment (optional)

Assess Spanish pre-literacy skills with a fun board game; see receptive and expressive language skills in action. As the child moves around the board, the program assesses the following skills:

  • Upper and lowercase letter recognition
  • Number recognition and concepts
  • Color recognition
  • Shapes and spatial relationships, such as “in front of,” “under,” and “over”
  • Reading two-and three-letter sight words, such as “and,” “is,” and “up”
  • Writing name, age, and two-and three-letter sight words