Step 1: Complete the Order Form

Order Form Completion Instructions

Download an order form from the list below, add the quantities needed, submit the order form along with your purchase order.
2023 LAS Links English and Español Online Subtest Administration (New Customer)
2023 LAS Links English and Español Online Subtest Administration (Existing Customer)
2023 LAS Links Español A Expanded
2023 LAS Links Español B
2023 LAS Links Form A
2023 LAS Links Form B
2023 LAS Links Form C
2023 LAS Links Form D
2023 LAS Links Online Bundle
2023 LAS Links Placement Test 1st Edition
2023 LAS Links Placement Test 2nd Edition English and Spanish
2023 LAS Links preLAS Family with Online
2023 LAS Links preLAS Form A and Español A
2023 LAS Links Student Data File

Please submit your order form and purchase order to DRC Shelf Customer Service via phone, fax, email, or mail.
Mail Address: PO Box 398, Hopkins, MN 55343-0398
Phone: 800-538-9547
Fax: 800-282-0266

*Shipping charges are built in to the order form total. Actual charges for shipping will be invoiced.

"Order Form Privacy Statement: DRC shall have the right to use student personal information and data and Licensee Information for research purposes for development of assessment tests, statistical analysis and norms and other research purposes (collectively “Research”), provided that students’ identifiable information will be used only in the aggregate so the privacy of the individual's such information will be maintained.

Customer Privacy Notice: DRC respects your privacy. We use your contact information to fulfill your requests and service your account. Your information is located in a secure database in the U.S. and access is limited to authorized persons. You may contact DRC, 13490 Bass Lake Road, Maple Grove, MN 55311 or call 1.800.538.9547 to Opt Out, review your data or ask questions. For more information about Data Recognition Corporation’s Privacy Policy, visit our website at"

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