How Schools Use LAS Links
LAS Links is an integrated suite of English language proficiency (ELP) assessments and instructional tools designed to strengthen an English Language Learner (ELL) program. Teachers can use LAS Links to accurately and quickly place students into the appropriate bilingual and ELL programs, where they can make progress right away and better enjoy the learning process. LAS Links also helps teachers monitor progress, develop optimal instruction plans, determine when students are ready to exit the program, and meet Title lll reporting requirements. Teachers can rapidly advance their ELL students’ progress in the classroom and beyond with LAS Links.

Teacher Benefits
LAS Links is the first ELL assessment that is fully supported online. With LAS Links Online, administrators and educators can manage the test setup process, administer assessments, and view comprehensive reports online. Furthermore, LAS Links provides a built-in distributed scoring feature that teachers can use to score their students’ writing and speaking responses. During implementation, LAS Links Online offers customization of certain features for use and in alignment with your school’s testing-program requirements. LAS Links Online supports both PC and Mac environments and provides a secured and locked-down testing environment that is accessible over the Internet.