LAS Links Scoring and Reporting Services

DRC’s scoring services for LAS Links reflect the same integrity and technical excellence that drove the development of this assessment series. DRC’s regional scoring centers and highly trained staff ensure accurate, efficient processing of even the most complex LAS Links assessments.

All sites are fully equipped with advanced hardware and software to ensure the highest possible standards of quality, service, and responsiveness to customer needs. DRC maintains stringent security and quality control for all test materials, specifications, and score reports. Because DRC manages the entire scoring and reporting process, each step is smoothly and efficiently integrated with the next.

Advanced Scoring Systems
DRC leads the industry in advanced imaging—technology that captures electronic images of test book pages and routes them for computerized scoring. This electronic process provides highly accurate, consistent scoring for all assessments, even those including students’ written work, such as essays and constructed-response math solutions. Evaluators electronically retrieve student responses and score them using on-screen rubrics. Image-based scoring provides the highest possible speed, consistency, and reliability for scoring multiple measures of student performance. Image-based results from constructed-response items can be electronically combined with selected-response test results to produce total scores for each assessment module.

DRC uses a range of advanced, real-time quality assurance techniques. DRC employs multiple readings of student responses to check consistency and guarantee accuracy in scores generated by different evaluators. Multiple, random read read-behinds are conducted by DRC supervisors throughout the day to confirm that established scoring guidelines are being followed universally.

Check-sets of previously scored responses are also administered to verify correct application of scoring rules by evaluators and team leaders. This electronic management of test materials ensures that DRC’s scoring processes delivers the most reliable, consistent results possible.

Reporting Services
LAS Links provides, multiple layers of comprehensive score reporting at the composite, domain, and academic strand levels, to help educators identify and respond to the language needs of individual students or student groups in their acquisition of Academic English. LAS Links also provides Lexile® measures and suggested reading titles for each student. Diagnostic information about the strengths and weaknesses of each student and student group will inform teachers, districts, and school systems in their strategic planning of instruction. This information provides valuable input about students from all backgrounds, include those who may be struggling academically due to limitations with language proficiency.

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