LAS Links Online Migration to DRC INSIGHT

Data Recognition Corporation is excited to announce the release of a new test engine for LAS Links Online powered by DRC INSIGHT™, the industry’s most reliable online testing system. DRC INSIGHT is a secure, web-based platform that delivers educational assessments to nearly every state in the nation. It provides more reliability to your language proficiency testing program, with the exceptional performance expected of national, high-stakes accountability measures.

DRC INSIGHT Online Learning System
INSIGHT is a fast, powerful, and dependable online testing solution that provides a consistent and uninterrupted testing experience. An exceptionally stable platform, INSIGHT has successfully delivered tens of millions of online assessments since 2010. DRC has invested in finding a proven, reliable, valid, and powerful online test engine with INSIGHT.

To make the migration to INSIGHT work with your testing schedule, DRC is offering a series of dates to choose from, beginning on October 30, 2017 and running through December 29, 2017. We encourage you to make the migration as soon as possible, as it will give you the most flexibility for your program.

Migration windows available are:
October 30 — November 3, 2017
November 6 —November 10, 2017
November 13 —November 17, 2017
November 20 —December 1, 2017
December 14 —December 29, 2017

What Should You Do Next?
Decide which migration window works best for you by signing up for your migration date at the following link:

DRC is excited to show off the new test engine for LAS Links Online powered by DRC INSIGHT™ and we hope you’re as excited to use it as we are to deliver it to you!