Use ESSER Funds to Address Unfinished Learning for English Learners

Educators are eager to address pandemic-related learning gaps as part of their back-to-school school plans. Have you considered using LAS Links data to focus on unfinished learning and support interventions for your English learners this coming school year?

With the LAS Links suite of assessments, you can:

  • Prioritize oral language development and literacy for young learners in Pre-K­ programs
  • Design developmentally appropriate instruction for early childhood settings
  • Use data to guide learning recovery and language development for students in Pre-K through 12th Grade
  • Plan for targeted interventions and tutoring using language proficiency data
  • Support dual language and bilingual summer school programs with LAS Links Español and preLAS Español

Contact us to learn more about using LAS Links and ARP ESSER funds for your back-to-school efforts.

ESSER Funding and Planning Requirements for Districts

  • The American Rescue Plan/ESSER III provides $122B for elementary and secondary education.
  • Funds must address the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on underrepresented student groups including English learners.
  • Twenty percent of these funds must be used to mitigate learning loss through evidence-based interventions that respond to students’ social, emotional, and academic needs.
  • Effective district plans include data to develop plans to support English learners and to monitor their progress moving forward.
“..depending on how states and districts adapt in the coming year, schools could emerge from this crisis having built stronger and more resilient systems on a foundation of equity for ELs and immigrant-background students.”Migration Institute Policy

Data to Address Unfinished Learning

Data to Meet ESSER Requirements