LAS Links Assessments−English

Accurately identify, place, evaluate and report progress of English language learners.

LAS Links Assessments−English are grade-level appropriate and available in five grade bands:

  • Primary (K*–1)
  • Early Elementary (2–3)
  • Elementary (4–5)
  • Middle School (6–8)
  • High School (9–12)

* K is an abbreviated assessment

Engaging and grade-level appropriate LAS Links Assessments−English use realistic illustrations, reading passages set in context and culturally-relevant test content to engage, challenge, and encourage students throughout the learning process. Additionally, LAS Links Assessments−English corresponds to the needs of the College and Career Readiness Standards with academically relevant content.

Test Formats
Test formats include multiple-choice and performance-based questions to address a wide range of language skills across all of the language domains. Theme-based language tests cover subjects such as mathematics, science and technology, reading/language arts, and social studies to better evaluate student understanding of both academic and social language. Braille and Large- Print versions are also available.

Test Administration
Easy test administration and scoring with LAS Links Assessments—English, you will find everything you need to make test administration easy and efficient. All skill areas—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—are contained in a single student book, greatly simplifying paper test administration while LAS Links Online fully eliminates the need for one-to-one administration..

Flexible Services
DRC|CTB also offers a variety of flexible services to help you easily interpret, sort, compare, and share test results. LAS Links allows you to locally score your tests or you can mail completed test documents directly to DRC|CTB and have us scan, score, and report results for your students.


  • Five grade bands available
  • Four forms available (A, B, C, & D) to allow for pre-test and posttest and other multiple testing scenarios
  • LAS Links uses a common scale for ease of assessment evaluation and comparison across grades and test forms.
  • Easy-to-use comprehensive Examiner’s Guides
  • Student Profile Sheets
  • Links to the LAS Links Instructional Guidance Materials
  • LAS Links Forms C and D correspond to the goals and needs of College and Career Readiness Standards
    • Measures the student’s ability to interact with grade-level academic language and content without relying on the student’s knowledge of the underlying subject matter
    • Provides items that challenge students to demonstrate their language ability in an academic context by asking students to:
      • Derive meaning
      • Draw conclusions
      • Work with extended text passages
      • Use correct sentence structure
      • Interact with academic context-based vocabulary
    • Social language remains an important element of a student’s ability to collaborate with peers and get along in school. LAS Links Forms C&D continues to measure language proficiency in social, as well as academic contexts.
    • The tasks included in LAS Links Forms C&D evaluate the following skills:
      • Language for social, instructional, and intercultural communication
      • Language for academic settings
      • Contextualized
      • Discourse level
      • Linguistic complexity of receptive and expressive language (including vocabulary usage at work and phrase level)
      • Language functions and tasks for communicative purposes in the school context