Administrators, welcome to LAS Links!
Imagine that a new immigrant family has moved into your region. What services does your district offer that would make this family feel welcome? What programs do you have that will challenge their children? What programs are you in the process of developing to make your district more appealing for this family?

If you feel that there is a lot of room for improvement, you are not alone. Numerous district leaders around the country are serving new English Language Learner (ELL) populations and considering LAS Links as a strategic solution to easily identify and comprehensively monitor the progress of their ELL populations.

As a district leader, you are in a unique position to make English Language Learner success a priority—to create a culture of respect for ELLs and their families, to allocate resources on behalf of ELLs, mobilize and empower your staff to become teacher leaders, to encourage your staff to implement creative solutions, and lead the community in creating a school-wide action plan for engaging English Learner families.

With LAS Links, your district can:

  • Provide a framework for sheltered instruction for all teachers.
  • Increase use and improve the quality application of research-based strategies in content and English Language Development (ELD) in your district’s classrooms.
  • Support your district in the implementation of proven research-based practices to increase language proficiency and academic content knowledge for culturally and linguistically diverse students.