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2024 ID ONLINE Licenses Order Form

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Texas School Districts may order the LAS Battery of Assessments directly from DRC under the authority of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) resulting from Contract # 3931.  The state-wide contract contains all standard and education-related terms and conditions that are required by the State of Texas for the purchase of education assessments, including certifications and representations. Therefore, Texas School Districts can order the LAS Battery of Assessments on the DRC-provided order forms and will be billed by DRC for their purchases.  No other district-level procurement forms are necessary for the transactions.

DRC Procurement Documents
TEA Contract Information
TAA Announcement Letter – May 23, 2019

Steps for Ordering
Texas orders must be submitted to the dedicated Texas email box or by calling the Texas phone line:
LAS Orders (phone) 833-867-5679 Option 1LAS Orders (email)
The dedicated Texas phone line and email are the only two methods for placing an order for Texas LEAs. Orders that come to DRC outside of the dedicated Texas phone or Texas email, will not fall under the contracted turnaround time.